I’ve Gone Viral

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I’ve got a serious case of the sniffles accompanied by a sort throat, stabbing pain in my ear, dermatitis, and something resembling conjunctivitis in both eyes. I am a mess…an alternating between hot and cold mess! I’ve decided to lie low today and other than the two commitments I cannot forsake cancel all others. Sadly this means I will miss a baby shower for a coworker and my nephew’s baseball tournament. Oh well, I can give her the gift on Monday and there will be more games to see.

My roommate and her kiddos went away for a long weekend and left the pups behind. They both decided it would be a good idea to sleep with me last night. Not a problem other than the fact that the chihuahua insists on sleeping under the covers in the crook of my knee and the basset hound wants the entire bottom of the bed. Of course she wants you to leave your feet there so she can rest her head on them. If I hadn’t been knocked out by cold meds I might have been too uncomfortable to sleep.

Tomorrow is the last day of 2014.  I know, you know that…I am actually trying to convince myself more than anything.  I am trying to wrap my mind around where this year went.  Anyone know?

I have no plans to speak of for New Years…not that I ever do.  CJ and I are going to my parents for dinner, a bit of cards, and a few drinks.  Nothing spectacular, nothing wild and crazy, nothing to write home about.  One year I am going to do something different for New Year’s.  Maybe I’ll spend it in New York City. Maybe I’ll spend it on a cruise. Maybe I’ll spend it in Vegas. Maybe I’ll spend it in an airplane.  I will do something different…something spectacular. Something that says ‘goodbye year of regrets and bad decisions and questionable choices…hello year of new chances and clean slates and hope’.  What are your plans?  Will you spend your evening in a low-key situation…in bed before the clock strikes twelve?  Will you party like you’ll never have another chance to party?  Will you spend it alone or in a crowd of people you do not know?

Christmas has came and went. It was strange this year because it felt as if Christmas was over long before it ever arrived. I was having that conversation with the teller at the bank and she said she felt the same way this year but she thought it was because all the Christmas hoopla starts so early that she is ready for it to be done weeks before it arrives. I agree.
It was a nice Christmas…slow and uneventful. I did not feel stressed or rushed this year. As always I wish I would have started shopping earlier in the year but there’s always this year. Maybe this year I can be done by the beginning of December. Although I think if I ever do accomplish that task I will definitely be ready for Christmas to be over before it ever arrives.

All I want for Christmas

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What do you do at this time of year when the only green to be seen is the fake Christmas tree? Break out the yarn and get those fingers moving.


What Are Sisters For?

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Eight hours of sleep and I’m still yawning. Perhaps my sleep is not restful. Perhaps my body needs more than eight hours.

Yesterday I spent the evening with my sister and it made me realize how thankful I am that we get along,. We didn’t always. Growing up she was my arch nemesis, the bane of my existence, the pain in my ass, but thankfully we outgrew that.
I often try to understand why it is we could not get along then but we get along famously now. The only thing I can think of is the fact that we are so much alike (and we were growing up too) but growing up we were so much alike with a three year age gap. So while we held many of the same values, likes, and dislikes at ten we just were not ten at the same time, we were just far enough apart in age that I had forgotten all about ten the minute I turned thirteen. Now as adults we have some differences because our lives have gone in different directions but there is still so much that is the same that we get along well.
At this time of year especially, i want to stop and be thankful for the blessings in my life, my sister and the relationship I have with her is definitely a blessing.

Heartburn and Headaches

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Woke up with a wicked case of heartburn and a slight headache.. This had better not be an indication to how the rest of my day is going to go. I won’t accept that.

To say it’s been ‘one of those days’ would be putting it mildly. It started with a phone call from my boss 30 minutes after I should have been at work. Why did I sleep through the alarm? I never even heard it. It wasn’t a case of hitting snooze too many times or turning the alarm off and drifting back to sleep…no this was a full out never even heard it kind of morning. What a bad start to the day.
A quick rinse of the hair to tame the bed head, one minute brushing instead of two, a bit of deodorant, throw on the clothes, grab the socks and shoes, and ran out the door, I made it to work 27 minutes after the dreaded phone call,
Now being late wouldn’t be that big of a deal if I hadn’t been written up two weeks ago for ‘excessive tardies’. Of course in my defense I am considered tardy if I am not clocked in at least 5 minutes before my scheduled shift and while I understand the need for the ‘rule’ I don’t know if you can technically call me late. Anyway splitting hairs…

I’d like to say that my day got progressively better after a rough start to the morning, but it didn’t. It peaked on the ‘oh my! Please tell me the day is over’ scale when I had to deal with an extremely over tired three year old. In the end though he went to sleep and their was peace in the classroom,
I am going to take a nap, tackle the to-do list, and thank God for the blessings in my life.

Don’t Have Time For This

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There is a little girl in my class who adds a long E sound to words that have no business ending as such. It makes my teeth ache to hear her say ‘milky” instead of milk and ‘sicky’ instead of sick, but today I understand feeling sicky.
My tummy is wibbly wobbly, topsy turvy, sore and pukey. I feel sicky. Bleh!

I decided to throw the entire to-do list overboard yesterday and go to bed early.  I felt so good this morning after having a full night’s rest. Can hardly believe I slept for almost NINE hours… Of course today I had to dive in head first after that pesky to-do list and while I was able to snag it before it sank into the deep abyss I am having a difficult time making it back to the top because I am weighted down by the additional tasks I have to do today. So glad I slept well last night because I feel it’s going to be a short night tonight.

End of the Day

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Today my to-do list was longer than the list of reasons I would make an excellent millionaire and I have been working through it on a little more than three hours of sleep. Last night I went to the casino to play BINGO with two of my coworkers and a coworker’s sister. I didn’t win. One of my coworkers did and so did the other coworker’s sister. At least someone won but I wish it had been me.
Anyway. Back to today. I spent 7 hours working, 4 hours shopping, and 30 minutes eating. I still need to complete my homework, write my lesson plan, prep Sunday school. But I want to call it a day because I have a headache and I am tired and I am mentally done.