Is bigger better and less always more?

Posted: 2008/03/06 in Clutter, Food, Home, Marriage, Random

After posting a couple of hours ago about eating healthier and making better choices…I find this recipe and it just looks so yummy!

It’s times like these when I truly wish I had more counter space.  My poor kitchen has none…and I am not exagerrating very much when I say that.  Once you factor in the space lost to the microwave, the drawers, the lazy susan, the dirty dishes, the bread keeper & the 90 degree corner all the way in the back that really isn’t good for any practical prep space, I am left with nothing.  No place to make that yummy cake!  No place to even try making the buttercream frosting!  No place at all!

I wish there was some way to resolve that issue in my life.  I have thought about adding a kitchen island, but seriously, the kitchen just isn’t big enough for that.    I don’t know where I’d put it that would be out of the way.

Other options?  Moving?  I wish.  I am truly trying to be content in the place that God has me at this moment, but I am finding it to be very difficult.  I thought that maybe my dissatisfaction was the clutter that I have let run rampant for way too long.  I thought that if I could get my house in order I would be happier with where I am at.  and while I believe getting my house in order would go a long way to making me feel more comfortable in my own home, it isn’t going to do a thing for the lack of kitchen space.

I have to say I am regretting our move.  The last place we lived had counter space….lots of counter space.  It had a half a bath more then we have now.  It had an attached one car garage.  It had a small fenced yard.  But, it was more expensive then were we are at now, quite a bit more expensive.  We couldn’t have pets there.  The landlords were great people but never took into account normal wear & tear when it came to the repair of things…we had to pay for new vertical blinds, not once but twice while we were there.

It was in our best interest at the time to move.  I know it.  I know we had to be somewhere different.  I know that if we were still in that apartment now I would be a total basket case trying to figure out HOW we would be able to afford our rent now that our hours have been reduced.  It would be extremely stressful.

But I miss the counter space.  I miss being able to bake cookies and cook Thanksgiving dinner.   And I didn’t know I would miss it.  In fact, I don’t think I began to miss it until recently…almost four years after it was gone.

I want to live somewhere with counter space.  I need to get my house in order.  I need to make that a priority for my sanity and my husband’s peace of mind.

He doesn’t ask a lot of me.  But he does want our house to be in order.  So why do I struggle so much to make it happen?  Why do I not make the time?

I think I am overwhelmed.  I have let it go for so long that the task seems too daunting to tackle.  Where do I even start?  I know all the advice of tackling 10-15 minutes a day, start with something small like a drawer or one space, purge….  But that advice doesn’t seem practical.  I am way passed that stage.  I am at the Clean Sweep stage.  The stage where they come in and just empty the entire room.  Then you make decisions about what to keep, what to throw away and what to give away.  Then you put back your small keep pile into the newly remodeled for your clutter free existence room.

But I am trying to sort through things in a room I can’t move in.  I come across things that I will obviously keep and that need to go somewhere other then where they are but where they need to go is buried behind another pile of things that need to be sorted.  So the original ‘keep’ item gets set aside to wait for its new home and then it never makes it there because I am overwhelmed by the amount of things to sort through and the limited space to do it in.  I don’t know where to start.

I suppose I should do something, which is better then nothing.  For the sake of my sanity, for my husband’s piece of mind and for the salvation of my marriage.  I should at least try.


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